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Our Boxes

We deliver to your door our themed boxes, with three or four 50ml samples of wine.


Each of our curated boxes is a voyage into the intricate world of wine, exploring its diverse dimensions, whether it's the nuances of taste (acidity, sweetness, tannin, etc.), the spectrum of colours, or the rich tapestry of its origins (terroir, microclimate, etc.).


Our perfectly-sized 50ml samples are your ticket to grasping the essence of wines through intriguing associations and enlightening contrasts, in a concrete way. 


You won't embark on this tasting journey alone. Our comprehensive educational cards act as your knowledgeable companion, guiding your mind and palate through the wine's origin and its fascinating journey to perception via our senses.


Offered in bundles, our boxes represent one of the most comprehensive and tangible wine courses available, all at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional options. However, these boxes are also complete enough to be enjoyed independently, without any commitment to recurring orders. 


Simply choose what suits you best, and we'll handle the rest, ushering you into one of the most enjoyable, engaging, and valuable learning experiences of your lifetime


"Discover Acidity" Box

A selection of wines to grasp one of the most important characteristics of wine: acidity

Image by Árpád Czapp

"Discover Bordeux" Box

Bordeaux is home to some of the most prestigious wines in the world. The variety of its terroir give rise to some of the most interesting and unexpected contrasts. Discover them with our box


"Discover Tannin" Box

You know that astringent feeling when sipping wine, especially red? That's tannin. Taste our selection including some of the most sought-after labels

Image by Sebastian

"Discover Barolo" Box

One of Italy wine's capitals, a fairytale landscape and some outstanding wines. Travel with your mind and senses to this fantastic place with our box

Red Wine

"Discover Red" Box

It's all about colour. Focus on the different shades of red wines, and discover how taste reflects colour

Wine Bottle Selection

And Many More!

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